OLPC Without Internet Connectivity

There is no internet in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Bangladesh today. Although an XO laptop may function without internet, can XO laptop deliver complete learning experience without internet connectivity? Can OLPC make key contents available and accessible in areas with no access to the World Wide Web?

OLPC thought about this and provides solutions for areas where no internet connections available. The OLPC server software, a stack that can be installed on a PC or server, will allow us to accomplish this goal.  The school server can be a local content repository, including back-ups, and content managemetn. XOs can connect to the server via wireless routers.  Contents can be delivered from these server to XOs. However, this solution requires local “system adminstrators” to install, configure, and maintain local servers.


Golden Hour Project

The objective of the Golden Hour Project is to utilize the XO laptops to expand educational opportunities to children who live in the remote mountainous areas in Bangladesh, known as the Chittagong Hill Tracts. This isolated area, where poverty and malnutrition pervade, is inhabited by thirteen indigenous tribes and whose literacy rates are 28%, lowest in the nation, even for a country like Bangladesh. The indigenous tribal children live scattered on mountaintops and only have access to a few schools with severely limited resources. The Golden Hour Project will make it possible for these children to access better and more comprehensive primary school education.

Our goal, in the first phase, is to deploy XOs in one school for seventy-two indigenous orphans, ranging from grades one to five. Our long-term objective is to deploy XOs with multi-lingual curricula at primary schools in the region. We plan to leverage our knowledge of the native languages and expertise in computer programming to develop computer keyboards in the tribal languages. We believe One Laptop per Child can play a critical role in helping the Golden Hour Project reach both its short and long term goals.